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Tony Penick Treatment Fund

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Tony Penick

"Tony has been an ardent supporter of NORMI, and good friend, since 2011 helping people improve their lives while living and working indoors," said Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI. "We are hoping others will join us to help Tony get the treatment he needs to overcome his battle with Parkinson's. Please join us in helping him cover these costs."

Tony's Story: In 2017, after several trips to the doctor and having complained about his hand trembling, they diagnosed him with Parkinson's Disease. Upon his diagnosis, Tony started researching and found that some of the treatments were experimental, and all outside the United States. As of today, no cure exists for Parkinson's Disease.

I found that stem cell treatment seemed to be the most promising and have the best results, although most of them are not in the United States. I found a place in Mexico in 2018 that started 3 treatments that would require follow up treatments. In February 2019 I found the results from the Tremors most rewarding and was able to walk again. I was told most of the time the relief of symptoms would only be a temporary thing and then we need more treatments,

I've done the research and found a place in the United States is doing a good job with stem cell research. It is on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The first three treatments I did outside the United States, $10,000 each, and the results were most rewarding. I am suspecting now that this stem cell treatment on the coast will be much better because of using my own stem cells and not from somewhere else. This treatment is $10,000 as well and they will reserve my own stem cells for future treatment. I'm not sure of the cost for extra treatment. I am thankful that God in this and it's helping me get through this. I thank God every day because I know there is some good to come out of this for not only me but other people in my family as well. It is through His strength I continue on and only through His strength will I be able to overcome.

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