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NORMIPro Environmental TASC Force

ETF The NORMIPro Environmental TASC Force was established to educate the public and create local teams of environmental professionals. These teams help to deal with the immediate needs during a local or national disaster recovery crisis. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) the TASC force utilizes the talents, expertise, and resources of credible professionals throughout the country, under the direction, expertise, and wisdom of its Advisory Board of Directors. It also educates the public through the NORMI Community Awareness Program and raises funds to support research and disaster recovery activities in order to relieve the hardships that often result from displacement or loss of food, shelter, or clothing. The TASC Force is the "Go-to-Pro" resource for environmental issues in times of disaster or catastrophe.

TASC Force Vocations

  • Certified Mold Inspectors & Remediators
  • Fire/Water Restoration Experts
  • Licensed Contractors and Builders
  • Indoor Air Quality Professionals
  • Drinking Water Professionals
  • Licensed HVAC Contractors
  • Environmental Health Practitioners
  • Alternative Energy Resources & Mgmt
  • Interior Designers & Decorators
  • Organic Body Care and Cosmetics
  • Duct Cleaning Professionals
  • Certified Pesticide & Biocide Applicators
  • and many more...

Advisory Board

The TASC Force Advisory Board of Directors consists of highly qualified environmental professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of indoor living. These professionals recognize the important connection between environmental and health issues and, through their individual efforts, have become experts in their particular fields of study. They have a passion for finding solutions to the devastating effects natural disasters inflict on human life. That passion motivates them to offer services to proactively educate professionals and the public on matters of preparedness and disaster recovery.

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Della White Cancer Research
Della White served on the NORMI Board of Directors before tragically succumbing to breast cancer on January 17, 2011. Please contribute to Della White Cancer Research funding efforts to find a cure. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Join the TASC Force

Open to Environmental Professionals and Related Fields

  • Trusted Resources
  • Be Part of a Disaster Response Team
  • Market yourself as a "Go-to-Pro"
  • Ongoing support and education
  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings
  • Business-to-business networking
  • Project sharing and resourcing
  • Member spotlights
  • Member highlights
  • Personalized Website
  • Access to an Int'l network of professionals

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